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New Construction



General Introduction and Steps Required in New Construction
A house is no longer just a structure serving as a dwelling for one or more persons belonging to a family. Besides providing shelter, our houses provide refuge from life’s stresses and dangers. When building a new home the ultimate objective is to have a peaceful, relaxing and worry free living. The pursuit for serene and simple homes has led to a more realistic approach towards home design. Before initiating a new construction, it is important to research the design thoroughly.

It is always advisable to build a home following standard building practices. The first step in the direction begins with planning of the budget. Comparisons on how much you are willing to spend and what your new home is likely to cost is very important. It gives an analysis of approximate costs that is then used to modify building plans to meet the budget. When choosing the land, thoroughly check the soil condition, zoning, drainage, building codes, and regulation of the region before you begin the construction.

Planning a new home requires the proficiency of teams of experts. This process of new construction of homes begins by first selecting either a contractor or an architect who will then select an expert team of a surveyor, excavator and an interior designer. These professionals will assist you throughout the design process in accomplishing your dream home. Plans for a new home are either taken from catalogued plans or are custom designed.

Building a plan from a stock requires minor modifications in room size, windows and door styles or other details. However, custom designed homes are created as per the requirements of the family that will be living there. The plan which best suits your needs should be chosen. After finalizing all the details, it is important to get a written contract signed and dated by both the contactor and the architect. The contract illustrates the project in detail and includes a list of all the parts to be integrated into the house.

Ways to Minimize New Construction Costs
When building a new construction expense is a major issue, which needs contemplation. Estimating costs before finalizing the plans is always beneficial. Analyzing cost details is crucial for minimizing the expenditure. Check out with builders who have constructed homes similar to your requirements in order to get a rough idea of the cost.

It is important to estimate in advance the price per square footage. Smaller homes have higher cost per square foot than larger homes. Minor details in the design of your home can make a huge difference in its cost. Estimating construction costs before finalizing the blue prints is the best way to cut down expenses.

Building homes with even-numbered size helps in reducing waste materials. Rectangular or dome shaped homes cost less to build by making efficient use of materials. Selecting one that does not require much of cleaning and grading can minimize site preparation costs. Inflation also plays a significant role when evaluating costs. In general, costs of building a new construction increases around 3 to 6 % every year.

Cost overruns generally take place by making changes, overspending allowances or by encountering unforeseen problems. Allowing additional 10% to cover unforeseen costs is a good idea. The journey from the dream house to the real house can be made fruitful by applying the above guidelines.