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Bathroom Design



Bathroom design has come a long way today. It is being given utmost importance these days while designing or renovating homes. Keeping in mind the latest trends and requirements in bathroom design a number of accessories, especially for the bath place, have gained popularity. Changes are taking place in designs, flooring, accessories and materials. Keeping the factors of budget and comfort in mind, bathroom design is done in unique and special ways in many homes.

Ideal Bathroom Design

If you are thinking of making a new home or even redesigning your bathroom, keep in mind certain tips that make an ideal bathroom. Most important factor to be kept in mind in bathroom design is the size and storage space. The larger the family, the more storage space you will need. If you have elderly members or children at home, bathrooms should be big, spacious, and well ventilated. Ensure that the bathroom is in the corner of your home, so that you step out from the bathroom in a dry space. This leads to comfort and cleanliness in your home.

Accessories also hold an important place in any bathroom design. Make a plan of the accessories that you need to purchase for your bathroom. Dressing walls of any material are common in all bathrooms. However, soapsuds of good quality material should be used; otherwise, they may give the bathroom an ugly stain.

Lighting accessories should be well chosen, so that that the bathroom looks spacious and well lit. Washbasins and shower caps are indispensable for any bathroom. Choose them with patience keeping in mind the color scheme. These are important to give a cleaner feel to your bathroom. Prior to choosing the different accessories, it is important to plan out the color scheme with your interior designer, so that they are well matched with the walls and tiles. The color of the tiles and walls should compliment the bathroom design.

Color Scheme in Bathroom Design

Color scheme and pattern is also important for any bathroom design. Colors chosen for the bathroom should go well with the age and personality of the residents. Research reveals that women are usually fond of soft colors, while children enjoy bright colors with special motifs of cartoons. If men are using the bathroom, then the best choice would be the use of pastel shades that match well with their executive and trendy looks.

Many bathroom designers prefer white tiles and walls that make bathrooms look elegant as well as neat and clean. If you are not comfortable with the white color or if it does not suit the bathroom design, you can use any other light color for your bathroom. This can be any shade that includes blue or even ash color. It’s important to keep dark colors away from your bathroom design, in order to maintain the elegance of the bathroom.